Leadership Team

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Rushi Dalal


Hello! My name is Rushi and I am the President of the Operations and General Management club at Tepper. I have a background in Electrical Engineering and worked in the semiconductor industry before pursuing my MBA. I have a passion for both Operations Management and Tech Product Management. I look forward to working with the new OGM board to bring you all exciting events that deliver value and are fun at the same time. This summer, I will be heading to Emerson for an internship in Strategic Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Charu Gupta

Executive Vice-President

Hello! My name is Charu and I am the Executive Vice president of Operations and General Management Club at Tepper. I have a background in Software Engineering and worked in the retail/e-commerce industry as a full-stack developer before pursuing my MBA. I have been passionate about Operation Management and Product Management and wanted to work in any one of these. I love traveling and aim to travel all 50 states of the USA in the next 2-3 years hopefully. l look forward to working with the new OGM board and bringing exciting events for the incoming students. This summer, I will be heading to Amazon as a Pathways Operations Manager Intern.

Antonio Meza

Vice-President of Marketing and Initiatives

Greetings, all! I'm Antonio, and I'm delighted to serve as the VP of Marketing & Initiatives for the Operations and General Management Club. My primary goal in this position is to organize a diverse range of events that will allow you to become acquainted with the vibrant Tepper community and foster valuable connections. Prior to joining Tepper, I resided in sunny Southern California, where I worked as a Senior Staff Accountant in the dynamic Real Estate industry. Driven by my passion for operations and general management, I decided to pursue my studies at Tepper, and this summer, I'm thrilled to be enhancing my skills further by participating in a Leadership Development Program with CitiGroup.

Pradeep Ravinarayanan

Vice-President of Career Development and Education

Hello! I am Pradeep. I am the VP of Education and Career Development at the Operations and General Management Club. I grew up in India and Tanzania before moving to the Netherlands to pursue my BSc in International Business Administration. Before coming to Tepper, I was working in service operations and internal strategy at an insurance company in India. I am excited to coordinate events that will help my fellow students with recruitment and success in their careers. This summer, I will be at Dick’s Sporting Goods as an MBA Strategy Intern.

David Yu

Vice-President of Finance

Hi, I'm David! Originally from China, I've lived in Canada for the past 10 years. I worked in finance at a global hardware technology company in Toronto, and I'm eager to transition into a PM or operations role within the tech industry after my MBA. A fun fact about me is that I love outdoor adventures. Last summer I had a 10,000-mile road trip across the US and Canada!

Mani Krishna Madineni

Vice-President of Corporate Relations

Hello! I am Mani Krishna, VP of Corporate Relations at OGM Club at Tepper. I am from India. I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and have worked in the product design and manufacturing industries for 5 years. I am passionate about operations and supply chain management. I am eager to transition into operations, general management, or strategy roles post MBA.

Shaunak Kulhalli

Vice-President of Part-Time Relations

Hello! I am Shaunak. I am a Part-Time MBA student at Tepper. I'm currently a Process Validation Scientist for a cell therapy company based out of Pittsburgh, PA. I'm originally from India. I have been here for about 9 years now. I'm passionate about Operations and would like to enter an Operations LDP role in the future. In my free time, I enjoy running and spending time with my dog.

Prashanth Kallat

Advisory Board

Hi! My name is Prashanth and I am one of the advisory board members for OGM. My background is in RF/Electrical Engineering and I have 3 years of experience in the defense industry. This summer, I will be joining Chewy as a Graduate Operations Intern. I am excited to connect with members and assist the OGM board with developing new opportunities!

Bhaskar Anand

Advisory Board

Hi, I am Bhaskar. Originally from India, I have lived in the US for more than ten years. I work in tech consulting and I am looking to switch from a pure tech role to that of a consulting role, preferably in strategy or an operations consulting role after completing my MBA program. I love listening to music and watching movies and my favorite hobby is trying out new cuisines and different brands of wine.

Harini Venugopal

Advisory Board

Hi, I’m Harini. I’m originally from India but I’ve lived in Pittsburgh for 15 years so I’m a yinzer at heart (go Steelers!). My past experience has been in civil engineering and I’m looking to pivot into operations and strategy roles post-MBA. I will be joining Philips as an Operations Leadership Development Program intern this summer. My favorite hobby is running and I like participating in half marathons and marathons.