Our Leadership Team

Our student leaders are what make this club tick. We are laser focused, but we know how to let loose too.

Feel free to contact any (or all) of us with any questions via email.

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Jeremy Levine


Jeremy just might be the Healthcare Club’s shortest president in it’s storied history, but that won’t stop him from taking the club to new heights.

Previously, Jeremy worked at Labcorp Drug Development as a Research Associate working across several drug and device trials.

Where He's Working This Summer: PwC Advisory, Health Transformation (NYC, NY)
Email: jmlevine@tepper.cmu.edu

Jonathan Li


Jonathan hates sweets, but does enjoy drowning in boba and ice cream, happily forever after.

Previously, Jonathan worked as a research associate in a gene therapy biotech startup in San Francisco.

Where She's Working This Summer: PwC Advisory, Health Transformation (NYC, NY)
Email: qilel@tepper.cmu.edu

Samer Fawal


When Sam is on campus, he’s either at Tepper, or at the CMU gym, where you’ll find him nicely and patiently asking undergrads why they’re curling inside the squat rack. If you do your curls in any other spot, you’ll have a special place in Sam’s heart.

Previously, Sam was an Infantry Officer in the Army, where he spent six years in a variety of leadership and instructor positions.

Where He's Working This Summer: Novartis, Finance Development Program (East Hanover, NJ)

Email: sfawal@tepper.cmu.edu

Farouk El-Khatib


Farouk is living proof that nobody is perfect. His favorite extreme sport is avoiding social events, he went to Mario’s for the first time during Mini 4.

Previously, Farouk graduated from Medical School and worked at UC Irvine in Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health.

Where He's Working This Summer: Consultant, EY-Parthenon (Boston, MA)
Email: fme@tepper.cmu.edu

R.C. Kunig


R.C. is originally from Akron, OH but after living in Nashville, TN for 6 years, he will have you believe he is from the south.

Previously, R.C. worked as an R&D Lab Manager for a specialty chemical manufacturing company.

Where He's Working This Summer: Genentech, Finance Rotational Program (San Francisco, CA)
Email: rkunig@tepper.cmu.edu

Thomas Your


Thomas is healthcare club's one-shot wonder and might pass out before finishing his first drink. He has a pronoun as his last name and will laugh along to make you feel funny when you crack a "Your" joke that he's heard a million times.

Previously, Thomas worked as a Product Manager for three different tech companies, designing digital health and consumer tech apps.

Where He's Working This Summer: Johnson & Johnson, Global Health Technology, Summer Product Manager (San Francisco, CA)
Email: tyour@tepper.cmu.edu