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Hello! We are the Women in Science Club! We welcome people of any gender, major, and college into our organization. Our club's objective to promote a strong community of support, service, and education between women, other gender minorities, and their peers. We strive to form connections between classes and majors and give women access to mentors and role models within academia and industry. We aim to create a strong community of support for gender minorities in science to navigate our current and future careers through community service, education, professional development, and social events.


Build a network of mentors and peers in science to support your growth and professional development.


Engage in service in the broader Pittsburgh community to support those in need and promote STEM education.


Get to know your peers through social events such as stargazing, apple picking, and making nitrogen ice cream!

Our Team

Mahitha Chaturvedula Profile

Mahitha Chaturvedula

Sydney Prescott Profile

Sydney Prescott

Emily Cerchio Profile

Emily Cerchio

Outreach Director
Jessica Wei Profile

Jessica Wei

Vice President


Women in Science

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