O&A Board Members


Get to know our board!

Liem Kadas (he/him)


Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Pre-Tepper Career: Fintech operations

Post-MBA Goal: Consulting implementation and transformation

Fun Fact: Mariah Carey is my idol.

Favorite Campus Event: O&A First Meeting in Mini I and Coming Out Stories

E: liemn@tepper.cmu.edu

Kranthi Yelisetty (she/her)

Executive Vice President

Hometown: Visakhapatnam, India

Pre-Tepper Career: Technology analyst

Post-MBA Goal: Management consulting

Fun Fact: I once drove a motorcycle for a long trip with my friends, covering 80 miles on a stretch.

Favorite Campus Event: Wine and Cheese Night! I met most of the O&A club members and had wine for the first time!

E: kyeliset@tepper.cmu.edu

Lohit Lingam (he/him)

VP of Finance

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Pre-Tepper Career: Senior Manager in a Fintech company handling banking partnerships

Post-MBA Goal: Management consulting

Fun Fact: Me and Biryani, Biryani and me. A never-ending love story. I want to try all the famous Biryanis in the world so that when I'm dying, I know where to get the best Biryani, and I'll die in peace once I eat that!

Favorite Campus Event: My favorite event so far has been the Effective Allyship Workshop, which helped me learn more about the issues facing different parts of the LGBTQ+ community.

E: llingam@tepper.cmu.edu

Vivian Ma (she/her)

VP of Marketing and Communications

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pre-Tepper Career: Accounting for San Francisco's Department of Public Health

Post-MBA Goal: Healthcare consulting

Fun Fact: I am a freelance photographer and an identical twin!

Favorite Campus Event: Attending the ROMBA Conference with O&A was one of my favorite events this past fall! Not only was it super fun to explore Washington DC with my Tepper friends but it was also wonderful being able to meet others in the community from B-schools across the country!

E: vivianm@tepper.cmu.edu

Kevin Gu (he/him)

VP of Social and Community

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Pre-Tepper Career: Project Manager at athenahealth

Post-MBA Goal: Healthcare leadership development program in general management

Fun Fact: Throughout high school and college, I was a children's swim instructor for ages 5-15.

Favorite Campus Event: This fall, my favorite event was Tepper's Coming Out Stories. I loved hearing about how my classmates' experiences in the LGBTQ+ community has shaped who they are today. It was a great way to involve the ally community and show how each O&A member is on their own journey. It takes a lot of courage to speak in front of the class and I am so happy that our community is supportive and receptive to our diverse experiences.

Jeff Rosenthal (he/him)

VP of Allyship

Hometown: Aventura, FL

Pre-Tepper Career: Supply chain analyst

Post-MBA Goal: Finance leadership development program

Fun Fact: I play five instruments!

Favorite Campus Event: Getting to know my classmates and meeting a bunch of new people in both years of the MBA program has been a highlight of the fall!

E: jhr2@tepper.cmu.edu

Surya Singla (he/him)

VP of Allyship

Hometown: Dayton, OH

Pre-Tepper Career: Data analytics and supply chain strategy at Deloitte Consulting

Post-MBA Goal: Data strategy

Fun Fact: I created and taught a class on Game of Thrones for two semesters at CMU as an undergraduate student.

Favorite Campus Event: I loved Coming Out Stories as a tool for bringing people into the community of allies.

E: suryas@tepper.cmu.edu