Meet the Marketing Board

Michael Bailey


Originally from Houston, Texas and worked for four years as a Project Manager at Epic Systems, an electronic medical record company. Michael is pursuing his MBA to find a role in Product Management.

You can find Michael exploring local breweries, hanging with his dog at the dog park, or hanging out with the other MBA candidates.

Prang Piladit

VP of Partnerships

Originally from Thailand. Prang worked for five years as a Product Manager in FinTech and banking. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. She hopes to pursue a job in the financial services industry after graduating with her MBA.

Prang enjoys traveling, attending outdoor activities, and spending time with friends. She likes dogs and milk tea.

Christophe Johnson

VP of Finance

Although born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Christophe has spent 13 years of his life in Nashville - TN, Houston-TX, and La Crosse-WI. Realizing at a young age that he had a passion for both business and technology, he pursued an Accounting degree with a specialized concentration in Information Systems. As an avid business and tech enthusiast he worked in consulting specializing in product asset development, technology GRC, technology strategy, and technology risk management. Post Tepper, he plans to transition to product management and product strategy.

You can find Christophe working at local startups, networking events around Pittsburgh, and exploring business development opportunities for Carnegie Autonomous Racing.

Mary Esmond

VP of Professional Development

Originally from Washington, DC and worked for four years at Marriott in Revenue Management and sales. Mary is pursuing his MBA to find a role in Brand Management Marketing.

Mary enjoys trying new restaurants and riding her bike around Pittsburgh.

Tyler Howe

VP of Corporate Relations

Originally from Oklahoma, Tyler worked for four years as a geologist in oil and gas exploration and development. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and technology strategy, and plans to transition into Product Management after Tepper.

You can find Tyler spending time with his wife, 1 year old son, and sheepdog at the park or seeing live music around Pittsburgh.

Karthik Ilango

VP of Marketing & Outreach

Originally from India, Karthik is driven by a passion for computing and gaming. This led to him to pursue degrees in Computer Engineering and Network Information Systems. Now, he hopes to leverage his experience to drive innovation via product management at a leading technology firm.

Prior to Tepper, Karthik spend over 9 years across various financial services firms. His specialty lies in data analytics, business intelligence, and leadership.

Max Wiemer

VP of Learning

Born in Paris, but having grown up in Princeton Junction, Max has that classic French/New Jersey accent everyone knows and loves. He earned his Hospitality degree from UMASS Amherst and worked at Marriott for 8 years before coming to Tepper. Now, he's focused on transitioning to Product Management, specifically product discovery and delivery.

Rosa Maria Manrique

VP of Student Engagement

Born and raised in Lima-Peru, Rosa Maria worked five years in a strategy/marketing role in a Latin American asset manager. Now, she is doing a marketing, strategy, and business technologies concentration at Tepper, and hopes to use this experience in a technology company and learn more about that industry.

You can find Rosa Maria eating ice cream at Mercurio's, exploring new restaurants, and taking long walks in Pittsburgh.