About LGSA

"What is your heritage?"

At a recent event, we asked our members "what is your heritage?" as we know that Latino students vary across many cultures, countries and languages.

While the Latino/a Graduate Student Association is our name, we are open to all students. We hope to be a resource to all graduate students across CMU, sharing our culture and heritage to all who join us.

Latino/a Graduate Student Association

Our mission is the foster a community of Latinx Students across CMU and to the greater Pittsburgh area. It's important to us to be a resource to other students, especially those are are new to Pittsburgh and to the US. We are proud to continue to be a haven for students from all parts of the globe as they first enter graduate school, and we hope to be a pillar for them as they continue in their career.

Fundamentals of LGSA

The main elements of LGSA and what we hope to bring to the student population of CMU includes but is not limited to: community building, professional development, international representation, social event and conversations in Spanish.

In the next year we hope to bring more events to help guide students in the graduate process and experience.