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The LABC is a student organization part of Tepper School of business formed by people with different cultural and professional backgrounds but one thing in common: affinity to Latin American Culture.

Our mission is to foster Latin American culture while providing members resources to thrive in their MBA journey.

We seek to make cultural and social events to show to the MBA class the cultural heritage of the region reflected in the gastronomy and commemoration of relevant events, for instance. Also, we mentor incoming students in their academic and recruiting journey, and connect with alumni to learn from their experience and the existing opportunities for Tepper students. Overall contributing to building the Tepper community.









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Our Team

Leo Hernandez Sanchez Profile

Leo Hernandez Sanchez

Vice President
Jaime Limon Profile

Jaime Limon

Vice President of Alumni
Linda Alexander Profile

Linda Alexander

VP of Admissions
Carla Suarez Profile

Carla Suarez

VP of Cultural & Diversity
Renato Osorio Castro Profile

Renato Osorio Castro

VP of Social
Daniel Garaguso Profile

Daniel Garaguso

Vice President of Recruiting & Corp. Relations
Renzo Zavaleta Grandez Profile

Renzo Zavaleta Grandez

Raul Meana Martinez Profile

Raul Meana Martinez

VP of Finance
Sebastian Helfer Huanes Profile

Sebastian Helfer Huanes

Vice President of Marketing & Communications


Latin American Business Club

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