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Jewish Curriculum Opportunities

Tepper students are eligible to earn 18 credits from the University of Pittsburgh's Jewish Studies program, as long as they can demonstrate why these classes would be beneficial to them. Each class is 1 semester long and converts to 12 credits. If taking 2 classes, the second class will only count for 6 credits, rather than 12.

There are both graduate and undergraduate classes, and CMU graduate students do cross-register for the undergraduate Hebrew courses at Pitt because languages are generally at an undergraduate level regardles of who takes them and there are no comparable graudate offerings at CMU.

View the program and course offerings here: http://www.jewishstudies.pitt.edu/
If interested, please reach out to Professor Haya Feig at feig [at] pitt.edu

Need-Based Scholarship Opportunity

There is a scholarship for Jewish students who have lived in Pittsburgh for at least 2 years, it's need-based and the details are available here: http://www.centralscholarship.org/index.html

Jewish Travel Fellowship Opportunities

A number of trip opportunities are available for Jewish students. The most well known is Birthright Israel. Anyone under the age of 27 (usually they don't mind if the person recently turned 27) can go on a free trip to Israel. Trips are offered in winter and summer. Many Tepper students have been on this program and it was a lot of fun!

View it here: https://www.birthrightisrael.com/

Germany Close Up is a visitor's program to Germany for Jewish North American students and young professionals aged 18 to 39. The program isn't free, but it is subsidized and a great way to see and learn about Germany with a young Jewish group.

View it here: https://www.germanycloseup.de/