African Business Collective (ABC)

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About Us

The African Business Collective (ABC) is for students interested in learning and contributing to the dialogue on economic development, market potential, entrepreneurship, and business on the African continent. Our mission is to increase interest in Africa by disseminating knowledge on the business landscape, policy, economic development and culture.

Our Team

Sandra Vordzorgbe Profile

Sandra Vordzorgbe

Oluwadiola Oyeyele Profile

Oluwadiola Oyeyele

Audry Mwasame Profile

Audry Mwasame

Ogechukwu Ezeh Profile

Ogechukwu Ezeh

Julie Negussie Profile

Julie Negussie

Toluwa Jobi Profile

Toluwa Jobi


Members Benefits

Increase awareness of entrepreneurial and other opportunities across different industries in Africa. Contribute to the professional and personal growth of our members. Increase collaboration with other organizations, as appropriate, campus-wide and in the Pittsburgh community at-large. Promote African Culture through Arts & Entertainment