Date: September 15, 2012
Subject: [SABA] Events around Pittsburgh

South Asian Business Association

Dear Members,

Here are some events happening around Pittsburgh in the coming weeks




SPICMACAY is the Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and

Culture Amongst Youth. Sargam is an informal get-together where interested

people can share their artistic talents in Indian classical music and

dance with other CMU students. The idea is to get whoever is interested in

performing, a stage to perform (for 10-15 mins/more if you wish) and have

some snacks at the end. If you sing/dance/play an instrument and is

interested in performing or just want to listen to some music, Sargam is

the place to go!

When: When: Sep 15, 1PM - 4 PM

Where: Porter 100

Contact: Sign up by sending an email to for early

registration, or just go to the event!


Spoken Sanskrit Workshop


Have you always wanted to learn and speak in Sanskrit (one of the most

ancient and revered languages in the world) but never got the opportunity

to do so? You can learn to speak in Sanskrit with your friends, in a

fun-filled weekend workshop. NO prior knowledge of Sanskrit is necessary !

When - September 22nd (Saturday) and 23rd (Sunday), 2012) - 9:30 AM to

4:30 PM

Where - Porter Hall 225B

Details: Register by e-mailing with your name, contact address and phone

number to -

Contacts: Sudarshan Narayanan (


Deewane tryouts


Deewane is Carnegie Mellon University’s premier South Asian all-male

acappella group and is on campus and around the country for their unique

ability to blend music from all ends of the spectrum – East and West.

Deewane is recruiting to fill up some vacating spaces. For more

information and sample compositions of the group please contact




This is a venture by a CMU alum and Vice-President of IGSA in 2005-2006.

nomoreTMI intends to get rid of TMI (Too Much Information) from your

Facebook updates and give you the information that you are looking for.

Please visit their IndieGoGo campaign link at: to know more about the project and

provide feedback.