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A shift in focus, a shift in perspective, a shift in leadership development.

SHIFT Happens.


Empathy. Critical thinking. Self-awareness. These aren’t just buzzwords around here, they’re key qualities of any great leader. SHIFT programming offers additional pathways to leadership success through exposure to the Arts. Good art asks questions. And it’s through inquiry that we learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

Here’s the SHIFT we have on offer:

Improv, design thinking, storytelling, metaphors, and more. What do these things have in common? They’re all topics that we’ll study in-depth in the Leadership Touchpoint Series. These workshops led by CMU faculty and local experts will expand your mind and help you see the world through another lens.

Studies have shown that one surefire way to build empathy is through the act of reading literary fiction, and it doesn’t hurt to build community along the way. With Tepper Reads we read a book together, attend meet-ups led by students and CMU English faculty, and meet the author when it’s all said and done. It sounds simple, but trust us, it’s revolutionary.

Get inside the lived experience of a classmate, practice the art of asking spontaneous questions, and strengthen your curiosity muscle with this curated student-to-student networking. In The Curiosity Project, we randomly pair you with a peer and prompt you to explore each other’s motivations, nuances, cultural touchpoints, and more. This low-stakes environment is a great opportunity to develop small talk skills, and to build connections with your fellow students by asking questions and listening with curiosity.

Keep your eyes open for SHIFT programming via emails from Accelerate, and on our Events page.