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Accelerate Communication Coaching
No one knows better how to help you than someone who’s been where you are right now. That’s what Accelerate Communication Coaching is all about.

Each year the Accelerate Leadership Center carefully vets and trains a select group of students to work as Communication Coaches in the Center. These peer coaches offer hour-long, one-to-one appointments that help their fellow students develop the communication and interpersonal skills needed to become effective leaders, extending in-class learning to out-of-class application.

We work closely with Tepper’s Masters Career Center to align our Communication Coaching materials and messages with their templates and protocols, while at the same time providing the unique perspective on the Tepper experience that only a fellow student can offer. Students consistently rate Communication Coaching as one of the best offerings of the Tepper MBA experience.

Communication Coaches tailor each session to address the individual concerns of the student client and can cover a range of topics, including:

  • feedback on resumes and cover letters
  • practice for mock interviews and networking sessions
  • support of presentation and writing skills
  • preparation for case competitions

To schedule an appointment, go to https://go.oncehub.com/TepperALC. From the landing page, use the “Change Selection” dropdown menu in the top right corner to choose a “50-minute communication coaching session.” You may then schedule an appointment based either on the coach whose bio resonates most with you, or by choosing a time that suits you by clicking through to each coach’s schedule.

Watch for announcements from Accelerate with specific details about when Communication Coaching opens for each Mini!