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Supporting Student Clubs at Tepper

"Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it."
- Henry Mintzberg


Are you ready to take on the challenge of leading your peers?

You are? Awesome! Running for a club office is an excellent opportunity to test your leadership skills in real time. With over 40 active Clubs, you have the unique opportunity to run for office in a variety of groups that you are passionate about. No matter your level of desired engagement, from the President of the GBA to an event leader for the Wine Club, Accelerate is here to help support your growth as a leader.

Who do you turn to for support when the leader is you?

We support your leadership experience in student clubs in a variety of different ways:

  • Running for Office:
    • Help to envision what you want to bring to a club
    • Get behavioral feedback on speeches from Communications Coaches
  • As a Junior Board Member:
    • How to ask for and receive feedback
    • How to work with a challenging teammate
  • As a club President or Board member:
    • How to handle team conflict
    • Running effective meetings
    • Inspiring team engagement
    • Providing positive and developmental feedback
    • Delegating meeting/event actions
  • Club transitions:
    • Developing your transition plan
  • Club Advisor
    • Learning how to let go and support the new club board as an advisor

Our Leadership Coaches can work with you one-to-one as an outside, non-biased, and trusted partner both individually and in larger development opportunities for the entire club. When it comes to club leadership, Accelerate’s got you covered.